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Patient Stories

Nathaniel Godwin

When fatigue started making Nathaniel’s daily bike ride more difficult, he figured that was just part of getting older. But in reality, it was something much more serious.

Jackie Sellars

When fatigue and fainting spells made it more and more difficult to go on the camping trips she loved, Jackie turned to the experts at Phoebe to help her get back to planning her next adventure.

Buster Wasden

Having experienced trouble catching his breath on occasion – a red flag for a stress test ­­­­­­-- Wasden underwent testing that identified his aorta had calcified into a life-threatening condition.

Jamie Osbourne

Osbourne refused to let atrial fibrillation (A-fib) sideline his coaching efforts. In 2014, he was the first person at Phoebe to udergo cryoablation to cure his irregular heartbeat.

Vincent Rush

Rush had an extensive history of heart disease issues. In 2015, he underwent cryoablation to cure his irregular heartbeat, and was back in his normal routine in three days.

Melvin Woodard

At 90, Woodard underwent TAVR and was back to the things he loved in three days.