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MaryLynn Mason Endowment

MaryLynn Mason never took her good fortune for granted

She loved her husband, her children, her friends and her life. She was a beautiful woman with a personality that attracted and kept friends.

MaryLynn and her husband Jim, an orthopedic surgeon, fell inlove in college. They shared 27 years and two beautiful and talented children – Tyler and Jenn.

During the last three and a half years of her life, MaryLynn fought hard against cancer. She spent hours undergoing treatments and sitting in chemotherapy rooms. It was in the hospital where she got to know other cancer patients. She listened to their stories and she was touched by their struggles and determination.

Thinking of her fellow patients, MaryLynn realized how little things would make their trials more bearable. She talked about how much more comfortable patients would be if they could have a full night’s sleep before treatment day, rather than having to leave home in the wee hours of the morning to make the journey from their small communities throughout South Georgia. She talked about making sure everyone had enough pain medication to help them through the treatments.

On May 23, 2010, MaryLynn Mason died. The grief is still young to her family and friends.
In tribute to MaryLynn, many of her family and friends sent financial gifts to Phoebe. These gifts became the MaryLynn Mason Endowment Fund.

Because of MaryLynn’s warm and caring heart, her family and close friends knew that MaryLynn would like those funds to be used to help others. Today the MaryLynn Mason Endowment Fund provides financial assistance for those needing overnight lodging during their cancer treatment and for those needing pain and nausea medications to help them through the tough times.

MaryLynn will always be a part of the lives of her family and friends. She is also part of hundreds of lives she never knew through the MaryLynn Mason Endowment Fund.

DONATE NOW  to the MaryLynn Mason Endowment Fund, where funds will go towards overnight lodging and pain and nausea medication for those undergoing cancer treatment, or contact Phoebe Foundation at (229) 312-4483.

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