The Keystone Society

The Keystone Society

For a gift of $10,000 or more you can become part of this special group of people making a difference for our community.

Phoebe is itself a product of philanthropy. With his gift in 1909 of $25,000 to found a community hospital in Southwest Georgia, Judge Francis Flagg Putney made possible the institution that would grow into one of America’s most outstanding community medical centers. Today, the members of The Keystone Society carry on that tradition of philanthropy, helping make it possible to bring the most advanced medical talent and technology to the people of the region our hospital serves.

Within every community, there is a special group of benefactors who, by their generous commitment, make the world a better place for their fellow citizens. The Keystone Society honors those special individuals within the Southwest Georgia community for their unique contributions to the health of our region.

Invitation to join The Keystone Society is extended to those who have distinguished themselves through a significant gift to help Phoebe in its mission of service to the community.

The partnership formed between these generous contributors and the Phoebe Foundation touches many lives every day. Their gifts help assure that the citizens of our region continue to have access to an exceptional level of medical care. Those who join The Keystone Society help Phoebe fulfill essential capital needs, fund outreach programs and support medical education and research. Just as the keystone is the capstone of any structure, the members of The Keystone Society constitute a major pillar supporting the health of our region. And in doing so, bequeath a priceless legacy to the community we live in.

For more information on giving opportunities, contact Phoebe Foundation at (229) 312-4483 (or toll free at 877-312-4483).

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