Corporate Honor Roll

Corporate Honor Roll Helps Maintain and Improve the Health of the Southwest Georgia Workforce 

Judge Francis Flagg Putney’s original donation to found a community hospital in Southwest Georgia came with the charge to “serve all persons of the community regardless of ability to pay.”

For almost 100 years Phoebe has done just that. At the same time, Phoebe has initiated community and corporate health programs throughout the region to help maintain and improve the health of the Southwest Georgia workforce, while keeping hospital costs well below most hospitals in Georgia and the nation.

The Phoebe Foundation Corporate Honor Roll is dedicated to helping assure that Phoebe can continue to serve our region as one of America’s best not-for-profit community hospitals.

“Why does Phoebe need my company’s help?”

At present, good stewardship has allowed Phoebe to be among the most fiscally sound not-for-profit hospitals in America. It is this soundness that permits Phoebe to provide such an exceptional level of care in a region that is among the poorest in America.

But in today’s environment, financial demands are taking an increasing toll on every hospital’s resources. Patient service revenues are not adequate to fund needs. Medicare and Medicaid payments don’t meet the cost of care provided. Funding for facility improvement, technology and necessary new services must come from other sources.

If Phoebe is to continue to meet our historic mission of providing care to all in need as well as supporting the region’s business environment, we must find new ways to fund facilities and services.

The Phoebe Foundation Corporate Honor Roll is among the most practical ways to build public-private partnerships to further the goal of a healthy Southwest Georgia.

“Will this matter to my employees?”

Yes. Employees and their families know how important a strong health care system is and the critical role it plays in their lives. 

To find out how your company can become part of the Corporate Honor Roll please call (229) 312-4483 or toll free at 877-312-4483.

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