Runnnig Warm-Up

Running Warm-Up and Drills

Dynamic Warm-up

  1. Leg swings (back to front) and (side to side)
  2. Toe Touch Crossover – Cross one foot over the other, with straight knees bend down and touch toes. Stand up, cross over other foot and repeat.
  3. Toe Touch Hamstring Stretch – This stretch you begin with straight legs. Take a small step forward with one leg away from your supporting leg, point the toe to the sky. Bend from the waist and reach down to touch your toe on the extended leg. Alternate so both legs are getting the stretch.
  4. Squats – 5-10 (remember to maintain correct form)
  5. Side Squats (both directions) – 5-10 (remember to maintain correct form)
  6. Speed Skater Lunge – (5-10) In a squat position move your body laterally till one leg is out to the side and the rest of your body is over your root, with your knee in line with your toe. This is a dynamic movement that will stretch the inside of your legs (laterally)
  7. Standing Lunge – (5-10) In a standing lunge position, remember to keep your knee in line with your toe, drop your rear straight down, until your knee almost touches the ground. This is a dynamic movement, but not fast or bouncing. You will feel the stretch in your hip flexors.
  8. Dynamic Calf Stretch – Using a wall or the ground, lean and “walk” your calves up and down to get the blood flowing and are loose.


  1. Butt Kicks – this drill is performed almost exactly as it sounds. Keeping your body nice and tall kick your rear end with your heels. This movement helps range of motion (ROM) in your knees and hamstrings. It also allows the runner to practice landing with their feet directly underneath your knee.
  2. High Knees – is a great drill to wake up and stretch out your hip flexors. Keeping your body nice and tall, bring your knees high and alternate the swing of your arms for balance. When performing this drill be careful not to lean back. Practice being light on your feet without putting added stress on your lower back.
  3. Walking Lunges – (remember to maintain correct form) Slow and easy, bring trail leg up and through not just drag it across the ground.
  4. Carioca – Everyone stands facing the same direction, run side-to-side, pulling your leg up and over your other leg. Alternate between forward and backward. The goal of this drill is to practice being light on your feet by decreasing your ground contact time and increasing your hips’ ROM.
  5. Power Skips – Channel your inner Mario, while jumping for the mystery box… This is a power ship, practicing pushing off through your heel and driving your leg and opposite arm up. Explosive in nature.
  6. Kick Out Skips – A bit more relaxed, skipping while bringing your leg out in front of you, and then making it land under your body mass. This will help practice landing with your foot underneath you. Helps reinforce proper running form.
  7. Hurdle Mobility Drill – pretending like I am going over a hurdle, both legs. (opens and loosens the hips)
  8. Frankenstein Hamstring Drill – Step and with other leg bring it straight in front of you and reach for it with opposite hand.
  9. Knee to Chest Drill – Pull knee to your chest, gently in a walking fashion, alternating legs.

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