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A revitalized beacon of hope for cancer patients and their families.

The Light House

Serving Cancer Patients of Southwest Georgia

Phoebe Cancer Center’s goal is to serve patients and ensure they and their family have the resources to support them throughout treatment.

In 1987, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital established the Light House to be a place of warmth, comfort and rest for families experiencing some of the hardest and darkest days of their lives. The Light House was a five bedroom home, conveniently located across from the hospital, that provided comfortable amenities to patients receiving multiple treatments in one day or requiring overnight accommodations. On average, the Light House had 840 patient nights booked per year.

In January 2017, the building suffered irreparable damage by the devastating storms. This has forced patients to either stay in waiting rooms for hours between treatments, pay out-of-pocket expenses for hotel stays, or travel back and forth unnecessarily for daily treatments. At a time when the best and most effective treatments are necessary, Phoebe believes lodging and transportation should never be an additional cause of worry for our cancer patients.

Phoebe and the Phoebe Foundation committed to building a new Light House facility to serve our regional patients through fundraising and donations.  Donations will continue to fund the needs and operations of this resource.

The new Light House is a revitalized beacon of hope made possible by the generosity of our community.

Donations may be made to:

The Light House at
or mailed to Phoebe Foundation, P.O. Box 3770, Albany, GA 31706.

For questions, please call the Phoebe Foundation at 229-312-4483.