Good Life City Race Series

Good Life City Race Series

We are so excited to announce the second annual Good Life City Race Series. The running community in Albany and Southwest Georgia has a strong heartbeat, and this year we are collaborating to encourage everyone to get out and get your feet moving in some fun, established races in our community. Six races are included in the series and there will be prizes and recognition for those completing 3, 4, or 5 races.

How to participate?

  • Register and complete 3, 4, or 5 races
  • Triple Play: complete three out of the five races and receive TBD prize
  • The Grand Slam: complete four out of the five races and receive TBD prize
  • The High Five: complete all five races and receive TBD Prize

Rules and important information:

  • You must complete at least a 5K distance or more to be counted in the series
  • You must participate in the race – it does not count if you just register for the race
  • Please register with the exact same name and personal information so we can keep track of how many races you have participated in
  • GLCR series awards ceremony will be at the Resolution Run on January 1 at Wild Side Running. This is a free community event. If you cannot attend, you can pick up your prize at Wild Side Running during normal business hours.

What if I’m new to running and want to participate?

We’ve got something just for you! This race series is not just for the running community, it’s for everyone who wants to put on their tennis shoes and try something new! Do you want to train and complete your first 5K? Has it been a long time since you’ve run? Jennifer Perkins, local cross country coach, has put together warm-ups as well as an intermediate 5k run plan and a beginner 5k run plan so you can run your first 5K by November 10 and continue with the other races in the series.

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