Recently Funded Items

Recently Funded Items

Speech Treatment Rooms

Phoebe Northwest is renovating their Speech Treatment rooms and we are excited to provide funding.  When this outpatient center was opened it was a bright and cheerful state-of-the-art treatment area.  We are simply providing a facelift to an area that has already seen thousands of children come through it since it opened.  The new updated rooms will be a great space for pedatric speech patients to get their speech therapy.

Pediatric Feeding/Swallowing Equipment

Positioning equipment crucial to pediatric feeding and swallowing therapy has been funded.  Because children come in all sizes, equipment is needed to accomodate all of these children.  Without the proper equipment to stabilize a patient so that they can focus on swallowing rather than balancing in a chair, it's hard to administer feeding and swallowing tests.  When the proper equipment that is properly sized for the individual patient is used it takes the stress of balancing out of the equation and allows the patient and therapist can get down to business.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Equipment

The new occupational therapy equipment that has been funded will help our therapists with our youngest patients.  Children have occupations just like adults do.  They are just different.  Pediatric occupations may include school, play or simply taking care of daily living skills.  This new equipment will help therapists work with children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, autism, cancer, developmental delays or learning disabilities.  Therapy may include addressing sensory processing, visual perception problems, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills needed for feeding utensils, tooth brushes or shoe-tying.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Equipment

The newly funded pediatric physical therapy equipment will replace old equipment and provide newer ways to help these young patients achieve balance and strength through their therapy sessions.  It may look like fun, but each of these items allows a therapist to coax these young patients into doing "fun things" that will impact their overall strength and balance.  We are happy to fund these items through Children's Miracle Network at Phoebe.

Kidzpace Interactive Play Space

This newly funded item will bring Kidzpace Interactive distraction toys to pediatrics, surgical waiting, the emergency center waiting area and other areas where we frequently find children.  These toys may be for a patient who needs distraction before an exam or for a visitor who simply needs to have their time occupied because they find themselves here with their family.  This area will improve the patient experience for either case.

Vocera Nurse Call System

This call system allows a patient to reach a nurse directly rather than calling a box at a nurses station.  This will improve missed calls, staff communication and allow a quick response to patient requests.  The nurse who is assigned a particular room wears the call receiver around his/her neck so that the patient has direct access to their assigned nurse.

Lung Navigation Program "Navigator"

The lung "Navigator" will follow patients who have been identified as a high risk for developing lung cancer by their primary care physician.  This may be a heavy smoker or someone with other high risk factors such as family history of lung cancer.  Once this patient is identified, screening is performed and the "Navigator" follows this patient.  Early detection of lung cancer from screenings improves the chances of this curing lung cancer.  Patients without this navigator are often diagnosed when the cancer is in late stages.  We are excited to fund this life saving program. 

ImPACT Concussion Management System 

Phoebe Foundation recently funded a new concussion management system.  This technology was limited in our region prior to this.  It allows for testing and managing concussions and was funded just in time to be available during the high school football season.  This is an enormous medical service for our community and this technology will lead to best practice treatment when this type of injury is sustained.

FEES System

Phoebe Foundation recently funded a FEES System (Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) for the Speech and Hearing Department. This system will greatly impact patient care as it uses real diet consistencies and viscosities and does not require the use of barium.  The study can be completed at the bedside, which is beneficial for those patients who are on enhanced contact  precautions, morbidly obese, severely contracted with limited radiographic view, or on continuous drips and cannot be transported to the unit.

Web-based Critical Care Training Courses

The ECCO, or Essentials of Critical Care Orientation,web basedcourse has been funded.  This course was created by critical care experts to reflect evidence-based practices & nursing knowledge.  It provides compelling graphics/animations to explain complex concepts to nurses and provides real time research.  This new web based course will be used with staff for ICU RN preparedness.

Triplet Monitoring System

Maternal Child Services had a need for a triplet monitoring system.  Nationally, the rate of triplets is increasing and Phoebe is seeing an upward trend, as well.  This much needed system provides the ability to monitor multiple heart tones to ensure fetuses are healthy.  The new triplet monitors will now be readily available to capture all necessary information.  Triplet monitors used on expectant mothers carrying triplets will lead to better patient outcomes.

Physical Medicine & Rehab iPads

iPads have been provided to Physical Medicine and Rehab to assist with patient education and communication and also to be used as tools for treatment and relaxation during treatment.

Child Life Distraction Toys

Child Life Services is a new department at Phoebe.  Working closely with all Phoebe departments that take care of children, our Child Life Specialist determined there was a need for distraction toys to help occupy a sick child’s many hours spent in the hospital.  Phoebe Foundation was able to provide a DVD server that would equip 22 pediatric rooms with age appropriate movies to keep children calm, rested and quiet while they heal.  Also funded by Lee Durham, LLC was a mobile gaming system that can go from room to room for children “on the mend” who need a little more time in a hospital environment.

Chemotherapy Chairs for Inpatient Cancer Unit 

It’s a great day when clinical care meets patient comfort during treatment . Phoebe Foundation recently funded four chairs for the 7th floor inpatient cancer unit.  These chairs are less cumbersome than the ones being replaced and allow a patient to achieve a restful position while receiving chemotherapy.  It also allows for easier maneuverability that results in keeping our patient safer and more comfortable.

Biopsy Bags for Carlton Breast Health Center Patients

Every woman coming in for a biopsy at the hospital's Carlton Breast Health Center now receive a gift bag with items to help make the process more comfortable. Within the kit is a water bottle, crackers, mints, a pair of fuzzy socks, a blanket and an inspirational book.  The book helps explain what is happening to help ease the stress of the unknown and the blanket adds a physical comfort as well helping meet the emotional needs of our patients.  An average of more than 400 breast biopsies a year are performed at the Carlton Breast Health Center. The center goes through roughly eight bags a week.

Cardiac Binder

These binders provide the patient and family a place to keep all important medical information.  The patient can take this binder to his or her physician or clinic visit so the entire healthcare team can review.  The information given in this important binder includes treatment protocols, side effects of medications, what to expect next and other important information to help a new Cardiac Patient better understand what is happening.  So many times a patient is given more information than they can digest at one time.  It all becomes a blurr.  This binder will help answer questions again and again.  While it will never take the place of a caring clinician, it can help ease anxiety.

Medication Pill Boxes for Cardiac Patients

These are used for patient education and to help the patient maintain an often daunting medication schedule.  Some patients facing cardiac issues may be on 20-30 meds a day all at different times!  It would be an impossible job for the most careful person to remember a complicated regimen like that.  This pill box takes away the guess work of "did I already take that pill today?" and allows a patient to remain vigilant about their medication schedule.  It will ease the minds of worried caregivers as well knowing that a very complicated schedule has been organized into simple bill box system.    

Boston Scientific Rotablator System

Phoebe's Cath Lab has requested and been granted this life-saving system.  Prior to having this system patients had to travel to Columbus, Atlanta or Jacksonville to have this procedure or simply turn it down if they were not physically or financially able to travel. 

Cancer Center Nutrition Program

Though not an actual Phoebe Cancer Center Patient, pictured above, this is an illustration of what can happen when patients don't get the nutritional supplments needed.

Side effects from radiation dramatically alter feeding ability for some head/neck patients.  These patients must rely on nutritional supplements to meet their mimimum nutritional needs.  These supplements cost $8 per can and a patient needs 8 per day.  To fund this important life-saving nutrition for 20 patients annually we have granted $13,650.00.  For approximately $683.00 you can fund this program for 1 patient for 1 year.

5 AEDs for Sports Medicine Program

Phoebe provides athletic trainers to High Schools througout our region.  These trainers are often the first responders for injuries and illnesses for players and spectators at the Varsity Sports they cover.  By issuing AEDs to these trainers, they will have the necessary equipment at any event they cover and offer life-saving care immediately until an ambulance can respond in sometimes 15-30 minutes later depending on how rural the school is. 

Child Life Services Activity and Distraction Toys

Phoebe has a new Child Life Services Coordinator and we have funded this program with special items.  Imagine having a sick child in the hospital that is having needle sticks and tests run and how traumatic that can be for anyone but especially a child!  By providing distraction toys for the children to play with, it helps ease the trauma of these events.  Now imagine that you have a dying relative in one of the intensive care units and no one to watch your child while you spend last precious moments with your loved one.  Phoebe's Child Life Services Coordinator can come help you explain these confusing events to your young children and can also give you a needed outlet to distract your children and keep them occupied while mom and dad may be saying their final good-byes to another family member. 

Pediatric Emergency Fund

This fund helps provide transportation resources and hotel assistance for families who find themselves far from home with a sick child.  When home is over an hour away it's often times not physically or financially possible for mom and dad to be at the hospital taking care of their sick child and also be at home with other children or going to work.  This fund helps provide fuel cards to ease the burden of driving back and forth each day or may help provide discounted lodging when the parent or caregiver must remain close to a sick child.

Pediatric Vein Viewer

Have you ever been on the receiving end of multiple sticks when your healthcare provider was drawing a blood sample?  It's a very traumatic event for many.  Now imagine that you are a small child or infant.  Imagine having to feel that stick over and over while someone attempts to locate the tiny blood vessel needed to make a critical blood draw.  Phoebe Foundation has funded a pediatric vein viewer to make this procedure as quick and painless as possible.  It does what is says.  It takes the guesswork out of the stick and allows the caregiver to move in, make the blood draw and get out quickly so that the child isn't stuck repeatedly when veins are hard to find.

Pediatric Floor Renovation

Pediatrics is getting a face lift thanks to the generosity of donors.  New graphics and murals are being added to make the pediatric unit a more pleasant place to be.  The graphics will be child-friendly and offer an asthetic distraction to make their stay a little more pleasant.  The large murals will allow ambulating children a destination to walk to and make their walks more enjoyable.

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