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Tina's Testimony...

Tina’s bout with an illness and injury resulted in a yearlong confinement to crutches and an aircast boot. Consequent physical inactivity brought her weight to an unhealthy excess of more than 100 pounds. Frustrated with the limitations and discomfort the weight placed on her life, Tina made a decisive move to get back to the life she longed to enjoy.  

Gastric sleeve bypass surgery allowed Tina to return to a life she previously could only imagine. “11 months post-surgery, I was 131 pounds lighter, healthier and happier. Weight-loss helped me completely eliminate the need for medicine to manage my  blood pressure, acid reflux and menacing pain in my joints.” In addition, Tina is no longer considered pre-diabetic, her cholesterol and triglycerides are at a healthy level and she’s no longer struggling to walk.

While achieving better overall health is a monumental reward, Tina regards her greatest achievement as now being able to actively participate in her and her granddaughter’s shared passion -- working with horses. Prior to her surgery, it was difficult for Tina to attend the horse shows much less actually lead her granddaughter into the chute and cheer her on!”

*The results may vary patient to patient or person to person.

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