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To schedule an appointment with a primary care provider near you, call 229-312-MYMD. Or book online by clicking on a location below. To schedule an appointment by phone for Phoebe Primary Care at Northwest, Phoebe Worth Family Medicine, or the Ellaville Clinic, please call the phone number in the location listing below.

Phoebe's primary care offices across the region make it easy to find a physician near you.


Phoebe Primary Care of Albany

901 N. Madison St. | Office Line: 229-312-7750
  • Clifford Dunn, MD
  • Derek J. Heard, MD
  • Lauren Frasier, FNP-C
  • Jennie Welch, FNP-C


Phoebe Primary Care at Meredyth

2709 Meredyth Dr., Suite 330 | Office Line: 229-312-9651
  • Clair Felpel, DO
  • Chad Kishore, MD
  • Monisola Sanusi, MD
  • Stephen Stocking, PA-C
  • Ozell Williams, PA-C


Phoebe Primary Care at Northwest

Phoebe Family Medicine Residency
2336 Dawson Rd. | Schedule Appointment: 229-312-8800
  • Tiera Barron, MD
  • Peggy Bergrab, MD
  • Gurinder Doad, MD
  • Shaun Franklin, MD
  • William P. Fricks Jr, MD
  • Aakar Thaker, MD
  • Chinwe Ukaonu, MD


Phoebe Primary Care of Americus

122 Highway 280 West, Suite A | Office Line: 229-931-7156
  • Malcolm Floyd, MD
  • Bret Law MD


Phoebe Primary Care & Sports Medicine of Americus

922 East Jefferson St., Suite A&B | Office Line: 229-924-2383
  • MichaelS. Busman, MD
  • Jill Olek, MD
  • Samantha Montgomery, NP-C
  • Milton Stembridge, NP-C


Phoebe Primary Care of Buena Vista

1009 GA Hwy 41 North | Office Line: 229-312-9651
  • Jontu Solomon, MD
  • Sarah Tanner, FNP-C


Phoebe Primary Care of Camilla

725 US Highway 19 South | Office Line: 229-336-5208
  • Cindy Drury, MD
  • David Drury, MD
  • Barbara Kupka-Smith, DO
  • Anozie Tony Ukaonu, MD
  • Brooke Anderson, FNP-C


Phoebe Primary Care at Laurel Place

1390 US Highway 19 North | Office Line: 229-312-7490
  • Patrina Lockette, MD
  • Derrick Taylor, MD
  • Lance Gregory, NP
  • Stacie Rolland, NP


Phoebe Worth Family Medicine

1014 West Franklin St. | Schedule Appointment: 229-776-2965
  • Edward Bass, MD
  • Miguel Carmona, MD
  • Tamara Sealy, MD
  • Lisa Frazier, FNP-C


Ellaville Clinic

339 Broad St. | Schedule Appointment: 229-937-5321
  • Kate Albritton, FNP
  • Jenny Hatcher, FNP
  • Angelita Quiroz, NP-C

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