Employee Giving

Employee Giving through PEACH

Every person working at Phoebe, from the operating rooms to groundskeeping, is considered to be a part of the Phoebe healing team. From the instant they walk through the front door, visitors can tell that Phoebe isn’t a typical hospital and Phoebe people aren’t typical caregivers.

Southwest Georgia is challenged by a lack of primary care providers.

Phoebe Foundation has dedicated its current fundraising campaign to helping recruit future physicians to fill a rapidly decreasing physician workforce in Southwest Georgia.  As a teaching hospital, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital offers a stellar clinical learning experience to students from Georgia Regents University, the University of Georgia, and other schools each year. Studies show that a high percentage of medical students and residents practice where they train. 

By building a Southwest Georgia Medical Student Housing Complex on the Phoebe campus, we can better recruit third and fourth year medical students and residents to this region - ultimately helping to improve healthcare access and quality of life for our communities.

A gift in support of this cause is an investment in a healthier future for all of Southwest Georgia. 

Phoebe Family contributions to PEACH are allocated as follows:
  • 80 % to The Southwest Georgia Medical Housing Complex
  • 7% to Employee aid
  • 3% to Disaster aid
  • 10% to The United Way of Southwest Georgia
Donations are usually through payroll deduction, and are a reflection of the care and concern of the members of the Phoebe family for our patients, our community and each other. 


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