Albany Pink

Albany Pink Crisis Fund benefitting local cancer patients

How it all started

Albany Pink began in 2012 by employees of BMW of Albany as a result of participation in similar events on behalf of their loved ones. The management staff quickly realized the need and potential for this type of event within their local community. 

The employees of BMW of Albany asked how they could make a real impact with the proceeds from their very successful event.  After meeting with representatives from Phoebe Foundation and social workers from Phoebe’s Cancer Center a decision was made to create the Albany Pink Crisis Fund. The ultimate goal is for every penny raised to be used for breast cancer patients at the Phoebe Cancer Center.

Help is here

With the level of disparity throughout Southwest Georgia, Phoebe Cancer Center social workers routinely see patients who are in financial stress, understandably exacerbated by their diagnosis of cancer. It is for this reason the Albany Pink Crisis Fund was started in June of 2015, designed to help indigent breast cancer patients in Southwest Georgia who are undergoing breast cancer treatment and are in desperate need of help with daily necessities such as rent, utilities, past due mortgages, pain and nausea medication, and other critical patient needs.

It became increasingly obvious that there are many more women who need our help, not just those with breast cancer.   Therefore, we are proud to announce funds raised through Albany Pink 2017 will go to Phoebe Foundation to directly assist women in financial crisis while they are being treated for breast cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and other female-specific cancers. This will allow us to honor and support even more women and their families who are struggling during a very difficult time.

Our Impact

Funds raised during Albany Pink 2016 are making an incredible impact in Southwest Georgia, providing critical assistance to financially stressed breast cancer patients, special garments to help patients suffering from lymphedema, and pulley systems to assist those working to regain shoulder motion after surgery and radiation. Removing financial barriers and helping to provide essential needs for these patients allows them to focus on treatment and recovery, reduces stress levels, and enhances their quality of life during this difficult time. In addition, Albany Pink 2016 funding is helping to provide a limited number of free mammograms to those who qualify.   Over the last four years through these events, Albany Pink has contributed more than $203,000 to help patients and their families!

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